2016 POST Audit


In the late summer of 2015, Colorado POST began to look into ways to have an outside entity review our unit. This audit was necessary to inform about areas in which we are meeting POST industry standards and to provide recommendations for where we could improve.

Director Amend reached out to the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement, IADLEST. This IADLEST audit of Colorado POST was the first such audit they had performed for a POST organization. The audit team consisted of POST personnel from Michigan and Oregon.

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The audit was designed with mainly four major parts, which were:

  1. Rule review
  2. Training Academy perceptions and input
  3. Agency Head perceptions and input
  4. POST staff perceptions and input

The finished product is 164 pages with an Executive Summary and Audit Conclusion at the front of the document. I wish to thank Attorney General Coffman for allowing the IADLEST audit team to observe and learn about our Colorado POST. I also want to thank the IADLEST audit team that worked on this audit project and their finished product, which is a framework to guide us in law enforcement training and standards for the state of Colorado for the next few years.