Training Resources

This page contains documents and videos that should help users to understand how to interact with the Benchmark system to accomplish their goals.  As more features are added or as training modules are updated they will also be updated on the Training Resources page.

Some tasks, such as updating personnel and submitting training, require specific permission from your agency to access.  If you are not authorized to perform those tasks and you need to be, please have a command officer or above from your agency send an e-mail to POST asking that you be given those permissions.  The e-mail can be as short as one sentence.  For example: "Please grant <employee name> permission to access the personnel and/or training modules in the POST Benchmark system on behalf of <agency name> in order to submit training and personnel updates to POST".  When complete, the command officer can send the e-mail to

Guide for Basic Users:

Basic User Guide (Updated 10/21/2021)


Guide for Academy Users:

Academy - Intro PowerPoint (Updated 6/22/2021)

This guide provides valuable information to Academy staff and cadets. If you are an Academy Administrator and do not have a PID, please contact

Administrative Tasks (appointments, separations, etc.):

Admin Module Training Documents (Updated 10/21/2021)

Admin Module Training Video (Update in Progress)


Training Submission Tasks (submitting in-service training for Rule 28 and 24-31-315 compliance):

Training Module Written Documents (Updated 10/21/2021)

Training Module Training Video  (Update in Progress)