Certification Inquiries/Officer Complaints

POST may disclose whether an individual is presently certified to any interested party. Without a signed and notarized release form from the officer, that is the ONLY information we may disclose. If you are an agency Training Coordinator and have a PID for an individual, you may email us at post@coag.gov to verify their certification status. 

While Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certifies peace officers in the state, we are statutorily limited to revocation of certification upon conviction of any felony or certain misdemeanors, or equivalent municipal codes.  We are not permitted and have no ability to investigate or to impose any other restrictions or punitive action on individual officers or agencies.


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If you have a complaint about a specific officer, the first step is to go to the officer’s supervisor, then to internal affairs or the head of the agency.  If you are not satisfied, or if you have a complaint about a specific agency, you may report the complaint to the DA’s office for the pertinent judicial district.  The DA’s offices have the ability to investigate complaints of this nature.  Please visit the Colorado Judicial Branch page for contact information for your judicial district.