Very Small Agency Backfill Grant Program

The very small agency backfill program is meant specifically for agencies with 10 or fewer peace officers. The program can be used to backfill for certified officers, as well as sworn detention officers. Larger agencies will be given consideration on a case by case basis. This program is designed to assist very small agencies with schedule coverage so their staff can attend law enforcement training. POST will help qualifying agencies contact larger agencies that are willing to provide staff coverage, whether within or outside of their jurisdiction. POST has made available both an Interagency Agreement and Intergovernmental Agreement template which can be used by agencies if they choose. These are general-use templates created by the State Controller's office.

POST will reimburse the providing agency up to $50/hr for each hour their staff works under this program, which includes benefit costs. Additional funds may be requested in order to cover travel time, lodging costs and mileage for officers providing the backfill.

To be considered for funding the following must be completed and submitted to POST as soon as possible, but no less than 30 days in advance of the training:

If you are an agency that is able to provide backfill assistance to a smaller agency, please provide a contact name, number and e-mail address to:

Agencies wanting to reimburse their own employees overtime for coverage should request funding from the In-Service Grant Program or submit a request to their training region.