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February 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to the first POST newsletter of 2017. This month I have some marijuana updates as well as some other not-so-common training opportunities. I have much to share, so here we go:

Free Training

I recently learned about several free training opportunities that the Midwest Counterdrug Training Center (MCTC) has to offer us in Colorado. The Midwest Counterdrug Training Center is one of five Department of Defense-funded Counterdrug training schools. MCTC is administered by the Iowa National Guard Counterdrug Task Force. Since beginning operations in 2003, MCTC has trained over 150,000 local, tribal, state, and federal law enforcement officers, military members, and prevention and treatment professionals across the United States. Their website is  Here are a few of the services they offer:

·         Facilitate the free use of Colorado armories or military facilities

·         Provide a host of LE trainings in Iowa and Colorado

·         Provide logistical support and personnel for LE conferences

·         Provide computers, projectors, video crews and A/V support

·         Pay for contracted instructors & speakers


Recently, I was speaking with a friend who made the comment that it sure must be hard to keep up with all of the legislation pertaining to law enforcement. I realized that there is not a consolidated list of Colorado statutes that are required training for LE. Therefore, I have created a list of legislatively-mandated training for Colorado LE below:

DNA Training                                                                           CRS §24-31-311

School Resource Officer Training                                            CRS §24-31-312

Abuse & Exploitation of At-Risk Elders Training                   CRS §24-31-313

Abuse & Exploitation of At-Risk Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities        CRS §24-31-313.5

Annual In-service training requirements                                 CRS §24-31-315

Colorado Dog Protection Act                                                 CRS §29-5-112(4)(II)

Eyewitness identification procedures                                     CRS §16-1-109

Rule 28 – In-service Training Program                                  POST Rule 28

Mandated Training Info and Resources                                  Mandated Training webpage


POST staff has worked hard to create a marijuana legal update which has been completed and is on our POST website. There is information directly tailored to caregivers, transportation caregivers and patients, as well as law enforcement. Please check out this free resource at

The returning of marijuana could be Unlawful Distribution. The Colorado Supreme Court recently announced People v. Crouse.  This case considered whether federal law preempts the provision in state law that marijuana must be returned after an acquittal.  This case holds that federal law pre-empts the state constitution on this issue.  Return of the marijuana could be considered unlawful distribution of a controlled substance.  If you are police officer facing one of these orders, you should contact the prosecutor assigned to your case and ask him or her to file a motion to reconsider based on this decision.  You may also want to contact your legal advisor. (

Notice of Funding FY 2018

The Colorado POST Regional and In-Service Grant Programs are announcing the availability of funds for the training of law enforcement peace officers, particularly small and rural agencies, for FY 2018. Funds are subject to state legislative allocation. The POST grant program year begins July 1st and ends June 30th of each year with an application period of March 1st through March 31st of each year. In order to be considered for funding, training region applicants must submit an application via the POST grant management database and agency applicants must submit an In-Service Grant Application via email to  All applications must be submitted no later than March 31st, 2017.

Entities which have received previous Region Grant funding from POST have continual access to the database.  New applicants for Regional Grant Funds should contact Grant Manager Becky Calomino, for access to the system and to receive further instructions.  Her contact information is Eligible applicants must be a local government, college, university or not-for-profit for the purpose of funding peace officer training programs.  Eligible use of funds includes; training, training equipment, training supplies, backfill and travel costs for both student and instructor.  Program delivery and grant administrative funds are also available if eligible.

For questions please contact Becky Calomino, Grant Manager, at or Bob Baker, In-Service Grant & Training Manager, at

Online Training

If you have ideas about online training courses that would be beneficial to your agency, please reach out to me so we can begin to discuss your ideas. At least one online training provider has expressed an interest in working with us to help create training and POST staff has become very accomplished at creating this training as well.


POST is officially part of the 21st century as we now have a Facebook page. We will not be posting much original information, but rather will use this site to direct people to our POST website. Please follow us on Facebook.

As always, I welcome your feedback.


Cory Amend

POST Director


March 1, 2017 - In-service and Training Region applications being accepted

March 2017 – Final 2016 Compliance Report (Rule 28)

March 2017 – Needs assessments must be completed

March 31, 2017 – In-service applications close

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