In-Service Continuing Education Program (Rule 28)

Effective January 14, 2015, In-Service training (Rule 28) is mandatory for all employed officers. Please see below for information and instructions to submit training, and to obtain grants to assist with the cost of training.

The purpose of In-Service training is to provide continuing education to certified peace officers to develop their knowledge and/or skills. The annual in-service training program is defined in Colorado Revised Statutes §24-31-303 (l) and states that the POST Board can "promulgate rules deemed necessary by the Board concerning annual in-service training requirements for certified peace officers, including but not limited to evaluation of the training program and processes to ensure substantial compliance by law enforcement agencies and departments."

Every calendar year, In-Service training is mandatory for certified peace officers who are currently employed in positions requiring a certified peace officer as defined in Colorado Revised Statutes section 16-2.5-102. All full-time, part-time and reserve peace officers must participate in 24 hours of annual in-service training. Of the 24 hours, a minimum of 12 of those hours must be in perishable skills training (Arrest Control, Driving, and Firearms) and all three of the skills areas must be covered each year. The other 12 hours is determined by each individual agency, as to the training topic. The authority and responsibility for training shall be with the chief executive of each law enforcement agency. The chief executive accepts responsibility and liability for the course content and instructor qualifications for the training their officers attend.

For employees who cannot complete the required In-Service training hours, a waiver may be requested by completing and submitting a Rule 28 Waiver Request Form for the following reasons ONLY:

  • Partial-year employment
  • Military leave
  • Medical Leave
  • Perishable skills waiver

Rule 28 Waiver Forms MUST BE RECEIVED by January 31st of the following year.

For instructions on entering In-Service Continuing Education training, please visit the Portal Instructions page.

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