Academy Forms Form Number
Enrollment Roster Template - Use only this roster and delete any previous versions  
Cadet Enrollment Checklist - Ensures proper enrollment documents are sent to POST  
Basic Certification (Academy use only) Form 1
Form 6 Peace Officer Psych/Physical Affidavit
This form is required for all certified position appointments. Please complete Form 6 within the Benchmark system. Only use the PDF form if you are appointing an Agency Head and/or Benchmark is not available to your agency. NOTE: All Agency Head appointments must have an appointment letter from the appropriate authority in addition to Form 6. 
Form 6
Application for Academy Approval Form 7
Application for Training Program Approval Form 8
Instructor/Course Evaluation Form Form 10
Course Evaluation Form 10A
Academy Evaluation Form 10B
Enrollment Advisory Form Form 11E
Certification Advisory Form Form 11F
Exam Scheduling (Academy Use Only)  
POST Schedule Workbook For Academy Class Approval (Academy Use Only)  
ADA Accommodation Form  
POST EXAM Confidentiality Waiver  
Academy Injury Report  
Certification and Portal Forms
Application for Reserve Certification Form 2
Provisional Application Forms Packet (Form 3 is included in this packet)


Application for Provisional & Information Release Authorization (Used if an individual has been certified in another state and will attend a Basic Academy. Attach with Form 1)

Form 3
Renewal Application Forms Packet (Form 4 is included in this packet)  
Change of Name Form
Must include documentation (DL, court order, marriage license, divorce decree)
Form 5
VIN Inspector Certification Form 9
Application for VIN Inspector Training Program Approval Form 9A
Group/Position Peace Officer Authority and Status - Sunrise Provision Form 12
Application for Law Enforcement Agency Certification Form 14

Notification of Hire/Appointment/Transfer for Peace Officer With Negative Action on Database

*For use ONLY when a Peace Officer has an "Action" notated on the POST Statutory Database. For questions, please contact the Compliance Investigator.

Form 15
Variance Request Form Form 16
POST Portal Account Request Form  
Release of Information Form  
Rule 17 Form 2021  
SFST Certification Affirmation (for use when registering for ARIDE or SFST Instructor training) .
Training/Course Review Form
POST Attendance Roster
Training Review Form
For a complete list of grant-related forms, please visit the Grant Forms page.

Law Enforcement Certification Form14

Disqualifying Incident Notification Form (Criminal)  
Finding of Untruthfulness Form 13
Finding of Unlawful Use of Physical Force OR Failure to Intervene Form 13B
Unlawful Use of Body-Worn or Dash Camera Form 13C
Criminal Investigation or Charges by Investigating Agency Form 13D